Custom domain tracking setup:

Tracking clicks and open rates depends on a small snippet of html being injected into your email body. This is industry standard. Whilst it makes for good analytics sometimes people may see drops in their campaigns deliverability.

This is due to the same “tracking” domain being used across 1000s of campaigns setup by all the users of the cold emailing software. ESPs (email service providers) are smart to understand that there’s millions of emails being opened and they’re all sending “requests” to the same “tracking url”. This may* cause a slight drop in your deliverability.

So what’s the fix? Simple.

You trick the ESP by “masking” the tracking url with your own.

Step 1:

Add a new email account / open an existing email account within smartlead

Scroll down to Custom tracking domain

Step 2:

Open your domain management tool e.g Godaddy, Namecheap, Crazydomains etc

Head over to the DNS management section

In your Host Records section add in a CNAME with the following

Type: CNAME Record

Host: emailtracking